Our Mission

In recent years, the disease of childhood obesity in America has tripled and continues to grow. 

While most parents are aware of the importance of healthy eating, the fight against obesity is a hard battle to win if the kids are not on-board. 

My hope is to get kids to work with their parents in changing their eating habits by inspiring them to take on the role and responsibilities of the family chef. Together, parents and children can have a lasting impact on not only their health but on their relationships as well. It is my hope not to just be a voice of healthy eating and family centered cooking, but to create a social-minded brand of fun and delicious gourmet products and services for all ages. 

Among the ideals I hope to impart are the following: 

– The skills to prepare and cook healthy meals

 – Developing a taste for fresh, organic fruits and vegetables 

– A basic understanding of measuring and how to utilize measuring tools

 – Learning about time, setting timers/clocks for cooking 

– To be able to set the table properly for a meal

 – The importance of purchasing fresh, local and organic produce

 – How to support local independent farmers in the viewer’s area

 – The proper meal portions for kids and adults to avoid obesity

 – Recycling: how to utilize leftovers, reuse and conserve water when cooking, how to recycle packaging, etc.

 – How to create a compose pile, gardening in the backyard/growing window sill gardens, etc. 


Let’s make something together.

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